Pamela Anderson the blonde sex-bomb “I know how to dress”

Pamela Anderson the blonde sex-bomb say’s “I know how to dress” in recent interview. Actress Pamela Anderson has long said “no” to beauty care products and make-up. However, not everyone was delighted with her decision.

Pamela Anderson the blonde sex-bomb "I know how to dress"  nude photo leaked porn

Pamela Anderson recently posed for the cover of “Highsnobiety” magazine without a hint of makeup. She published photos from the set on her official profile on Instagram. There we had the opportunity to see Pamela Anderson the blonde sex-bomb of the nineties in its natural form. She is still looking great, check Pamela Anderson sexy photos and see for yourself.


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The beautiful 56-year-old wore several outfits, mostly oversized jackets with different designs, and the photographers’ attention was drawn to her natural beauty without a hint of makeup. The blonde celebrity has been always considered as the most gorgeous and desirable woman in the world. That being said, no wonder why she is still every man’s dream, even today. Blonde beauty has entered in every man mind, ever since she played the role in famous tv serie Baywatch.

For the latest issue of the above-mentioned magazine, Pamela Anderson talked about a hot topic – her decision not to wear makeup. As she said, that decision shocked her sons, but also her business partners. Despite being one of the most popular celebrities in the world, Pamela Anderson often decides not to use any of makeup on her face. She likes to look more natural when showing in public.

“The sons said, ‘Mom, you have to have a team for glamorous events.’ And my agents suggested that I should have a stylist,” admitted Pamela Anderson in an interview, and revealed that she fired the stylists.

“I know how to dress. I don’t need someone to button my blouse. My agents were horrified when I told them,” revealed Pamela Anderson.