Teyana Taylor strips in sexy dance VIDEO

Although she has been on the scene for almost 10 years, Teyena Taylor had her big breakthrough only a few months ago, and now she has no intention of leaving the public eye!

In America, sometimes one chance is enough to fail or become a star, and Teyana Taylor used hers to do the latter. Although she has been trying to make a breakthrough on the big stage for almost 10 years, this 25-year-old dancer, singer and model could never get the chance to truly show what she can and knows. As a child, she signed with Pharrell, appeared on MTV, choreographed for Beyonce and danced in Jay Z’s music video, but everything changed only when she met Kanye West and the mogul took her under his wing. For some time she sang backing vocals for him, and in 2014 she released her debut album VII. But none of it was anywhere near as successful as the now iconic appearance in Kanye’s video for Fade which was… well, there really are no words!

Of course, this kind of performance turned literally all heads and she became a huge and extremely sought-after star overnight, and although it may not be her favorite thing to be known for moving Teyana Taylor tits and ass, she has to start somewhere. Better yet, someone in a porn movie as the wife of her patron. Everyone who means something in the showbiz world immediately joined the bandwagon, and Paper Magazine arranged a very explicit photoshoot with her.

Although this time there was no room for her fiance and father of the child Iman Shumpert (by the way, a member of this year’s NBA title winners Cleveland Cavaliers), who is already a real star, but all eyes are still on Teyana, a better version of Rihanna who looks like someone you could even hang out with. May we have a long time to come, and if she ever decides to take her hands off the strategic parts, we will be there to support her!